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Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a frightening, frustrating experience that can cost you both time and money.

Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter gains access to personal information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers or medical insurance information and uses this information for personal gain. Identity theft might be the result of a lost or stolen purse, stolen mail, documents taken from trash, data breach, computer virus or telephone scam.

If you become a victim of identity theft, experts will provide you with professional fraud resolution, helping you document damage and file necessary paperwork. This recovery plan reduces time spent restoring your credit and reputation, and valuable expense reimbursement is offered to help cover eligible expenses related to clearing your name and repairing damaged credit.


ID Protect gives you protection against identity theft, including:

  • Fully managed Identity Theft Resolution Services for all of your accounts, not just LOC
  • Free blended credit report and score from all three credit reporting agencies updated every 90 days
  • Monitoring of over 1,000 databases including credit, Social Security, public records, telephone and many more 
  • Daily credit file monitoring and automated alerts of key changes to your Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit reports
  • Debit and credit card registration
  • Family members and joint account owners enjoy the same level of coverage as the primary account owner, up to $10,000 per covered incident
  • Toll free access to a dedicated consumer fraud specialist, assigned specifically to your case, who will work with you until your credit and identity are completely restored

You, your family1, and joint account holders receive the identity theft protection, all for one low monthly service fee of $3.00.

1 Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as a domestic partner under the provisions of any applicable federal, state or local law, children under 25 years of age and parent of such natural persons who are residents of the same household.

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