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Mobile Deposit

With this feature available in our mobile apps for qualifying members, depositing a check to your account has never been easier, faster and more convenient.

After you've downloaded the app and registered your device:

  • Click on the Mobile Deposit option
  • Sign the back of your check just as would if you were depositing at a branch and include your account number and one of the following endorsements: 
    • You must write in the endorsement area For Mobile Deposit Only at LOC FCU and include your signature and account number
  • Place the check on a flat surface, with a contrasting background
  • Select the account in which you want to deposit the funds
  • Enter the amount of the check
  • Take a picture of the front of the check by centering in the frame; repeat the same for the back of the check
  • Submit your check for deposit
  • You'll want to keep a copy of your check for reference  

An added convenience: You can also see images of the checks you've deposited in Mobile Deposit!

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