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Keep an eye on your finances.

Our eAlerts provide you with the most up-to-date account details, delivered right to your phone or email address, so you’re never left guessing if that check has cleared or what your balance is.

Balance and Transaction Alerts

You can monitor your balance using the daily balance or the minimum balance threshold alert options. Keep track of your spending with checks cleared and debit card alerts and know when a deposit is posted to your account.

Loan Alerts

Loan alerts remind you of an upcoming loan payment, when a payment is past due, when an advance has been taken on a line of credit and when an interest rate has changed.

Security Alerts

Security alerts are designed to help you stay informed in the event someone is trying to access your account information and gain control of your accounts.  Security alerts include:

  • Address change
  • Phone number change
  • Email change
  • Online banking password change, login failure and lock out         

How to sign up

Enrolling in eAlerts is easy.  Simply log into online banking, and from the main page, click on the eAlerts option. 

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