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Saving for Retirement

Financial Education

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Saving for Retirement

Think back to your most recent savings goal. How long did you have to save in order to reach it? Was it a concert ticket or some new shoes that took a few weeks of budgeting? Was it a big-ticket item like a new computer or a summer vacation that took a year or two of planning in advance? Perhaps you’re currently saving for an even more ambitious goal: a car, a wedding, a down payment on a home? Although savings goals vary from person to person and range in size and scope, it’s likely that your longest-term savings goal will be your retirement. Jen's Grandma swings by with a new set of wheels and let's Jen know that the earlier she starts, the more she'll be able to afford later in life.

The good news is that you can boost your retirement savings by practicing the same good money habits that apply to smaller savings goals. Read below to find out which money skills will also level up your retirement savings plan.
  • Eliminate roadblocks
  • Automate savings
  • Picture your goals
  • Practice living with less
  • Increase savings along with income

saving for retirement

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