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Life Track PFM

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Plan. Track. Save.

Developing a plan for your money is essential to keeping your finances in order.

With our free Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool Life Track, you can view, track and manage all your finances in one place.

Life Track provides you with the ability to:
  • Create a budget
  • Tag expenses 
  • Set goals
  • Manage cash flows
  • Track your net worth

How To Get Started

Using Life Track is easy when you login to your account in online banking. Simply click on the Life Track tab and start adding your accounts.  Your LOC accounts will automatically pre-populate with the most current information. 

You must have an online banking relationship with the financial institution in order to add it to Life Track. When you add a financial institution, you will need to verify your identity by entering your user name and password as you would when logging in to that particular site.  

You may also be asked to answer your security question(s).


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