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In the coming weeks, MemberFocus members will begin receiving their new VISA credit cards.

 These new credit cards cannot be activated or used until June 24

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Member Discounts

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Every penny counts.

At LOC, we understand that every penny counts. More importantly, we want to make sure you’re taking advantage of being a credit union member. We offer several member discounts and perks. LOC members can enjoy access to exclusive program offers from Love My Credit Union Rewards. You can save money from companies like Spectrum, CarAdvise and more. The more offers you take advantage of, the more you save!

Spectrum Mobile Discounts

Save on Mobile and Internet Services

Spectrum Mobile has joined the Love My Credit Union® Rewards program to offer you the best of both worlds with internet and mobile together. Switch, save and get a cash reward for each new line activated with Spectrum.

The best part? You can save big when you switch, and the cash rewards go directly into your credit union account.


CarAdvise is the nation’s largest online marketplace for vehicle maintenance and repair.  CarAdvise puts you back in control of your car care needs. Plus, you will never pay retail again and save an additional $10 off your first booked service!  

With a few clicks, you can avoid the usual hassle at the shop by scheduling, approving and paying for services all from your phone. If you are not sure if you should have a service completed or if the price you were quoted is too high, no problem you can just talk to a CarAdvise licensed mechanic and they make sure you don’t agree to unnecessary work or pay too much. They have your back!  

The best part is that it’s FREE to sign up and you'll never pay retail price at the shop! 

CarAdvise Save On Car Repairs

Looking for more ways to save?

Check out member exclusive discounts on home and auto insurance.

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