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LOC's Parent Academy

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Free Financial Education For You & Your Teen

LOC's Parent Academy features three financial education opportunities for both you and your teen(s). These sessions include details surrounding a teen’s access and the benefits of a checking and savings account, the dos and don’ts of debit cards, taking a deeper dive into first-time loans as well as credit building and financial accountability for teens. Our Parent Academy strives to ensure you and your teen are ready for all things financial. With sessions available in both Farmington and Howell, you'll have the opportunity to join us for the content that fits your situation the most. These sessions are completely free and we encourage you to engage with your teen both before and after to help ensure they have a solid foundation for their financial future. Read more about each session to see which ones might be right for you and your teen. Pre-registration is required.

Financial Accountability & Independence for Young Adults

Navigating the transition from being a young teen to young adult and what that means for a parent and teen's financial future!

  • How financial accounts change when teens turn 18.
  • Available features and options for banking as a young adult with or without a parent.
  • Establishing credit and avoiding debt.
  • Credit with or without a parent/guardian
  • Credit Options
  • Protecting you and your young adult from fraud and financial trouble.

Wednesday, December 7

6:30 PM-7:30 PM | Virtual

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