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Protecting Your Identity Is Key To Staying Financially Fit

One crucial way to stay financially fit is to make sure your identity is protected and not compromised. The U.S. Justice Department estimates that identity theft losses total $25 billion annually. Not only is there the potential for financial loss, but consider the time and effort it may take you to resolve any compromise of your identity.

Here are some tips to help you protect your identity:

  • Regularly review your accounts. One way to do this is to set up alerts to monitor your account balances and transactions. LOC online banking provides you several options for alerts.
  • Obtain your credit report once a year and review for discrepancies.
  • Don't use free, unsecure Wi-Fi services to login to accounts that have sensitive information - your credit union, investment or insurance accounts. Even checking your email on these networks can leave you open to identity theft.
  • Make sure you password protect your cell phone and other mobile devices that can easily be lost or stolen.
  • Before swiping your card at an ATM or gas pump, look closely and make sure the card reader has not been tampered with or has a skimmer attached.
  • Unless you absolutely need them, minimize the number of cards you carry and leave your social security card and other important documents at home.
  • Watch who you connect with and what you post online. It is important to limit how much personal information you post on social media sites. Identity thieves can use these details to find out more personal information about you and assume your identity.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest operating system and browser versions for all your devices. These updates are made available when software providers discover vulnerability with their solutions.

LOC offers more affordable options to help members monitor, detect and resolve potential identity theft. Learn more about Identity Theft Protection Service, Powered by ID Protect®

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