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In the coming weeks, MemberFocus members will begin receiving their new VISA credit cards.

 These new credit cards cannot be activated or used until June 24

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Your New Credit Card

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Your New LOC Visa Credit Card
Is Arriving Soon. Please Review
This Important Information!

You'll soon be receiving a new LOC Visa Credit Card to replace your current one. Be sure to review the important dates below as well as the sticker on your card for activation details.

It's also important to note, your new card comes with a new card number. In addition to your new card number, you'll also have a new CVV number and expiration date that will now be listed on the back of the card. If you believe you should have received a new credit card in the mail, but did not, please contact us at 800-837-4562.

Upcoming Dates for Your New LOC Visa Credit Card (LOC Members)

New card activation: Beginning May 21

Continue to use your existing card until May 20

Use your new card as soon as you activate on or after: May 21

Upcoming Dates for Your New LOC Visa Credit Card: (MemberFocus Members)

New card activation: Beginning June 24

Continue to use your existing card until June 23

Use your new card as soon as you activate on or after: June 24

After you have activated your new card:

Thanks to the CardUpdatr feature in Digital Banking, you have a simple, secure and easy-to-use tool to update and replace your old card where you have it stored for existing online payments, all in one step, in one convenient place. Popular online merchants where you may have your card information stored include Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Target, Kroger and more.

  • Add your new card to your preferred Digital Wallet. We support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • If you currently have auto-pay setup for any monthly payments, you will need to set those up again online once available in our Digital Banking platform.
  • Your new card features contactless technology. You can simply tap and pay at participating merchants.
  • Sign up for free Visa Purchase Alerts.

If you have any additional questions about your new card, please give us a call at 800.837.4562.

LOC Card Conversion FAQs

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