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Liz gave me ideas that I didn't even think of. By putting our ideas together, we were able to find a better solution that will save me quite a lot of money. She was patient, kind and made sure I understood everything before I left LOC. She went above and beyond. Thank you, Liz!


Thanks to Adin and an LOC loan, I am now saving $663 in monthly payments! Adin was very friendly and helpful and it was all done in a matter of hours. I'm so pleased!

-Mary Ann

In my most recent experience with LOC, I was unable to balance my checkbook, and for the life of me, couldn't find my error! I brought in the paperwork and with the help of Rachel & Laura, was able to find the error. I am extremely grateful for their help! I've been a member of LOC for many years and appreciate the services they offer. Thank you!


The service at the Farmington location was outstanding! We need more people who provide this type of professional service like Ashley and Lisa. Without their speedy service and attention, I would still have a high interest loan somewhere else.


I'm very pleased to say that I am very satisfied with the service and treatment I received on a personal level. I'm thankful for the Credit Review Program because it's saved me over $340 a month! My Financial Success Specialist Ashley is phenomenal and super professional. She answered all of my questions in a way that was very easy for me to understand. She's patient and good at what she does. Thank you, LOC!


I am so happy I took advantage of LOC's free Credit Review Program! Adin was extremely helpful in guiding us through the process to help us improve our finances. I would highly recommend the program to anyone! Thank you Adin and LOC!


They helped us save over $1,500 a month! Adin and the LOC staff went above and beyond in helping us meet our needs and resolving these credit debts. She showed us that by keeping track of what cards have a balance and to keep those balances down if possible, we can save!

Charles and Maureen

Ashley was a joy to work with! Extremely responsible and professional. I will be saving a TON in unnecessary interest. This consolidation loan will help my family take real steps towards financial freedom. The process was so quick and easy and I was treated with respect the entire time. 

Lisa solved our problem in an efficient, competent, professional and friendly manner. Thanks again Lisa for your excellent care, we very much appreciate you!

-Janette and Karl

Ashley was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. She provided me with great ideas that helped me save a lot of money. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family. She knows her business!


I saved hundreds of dollars with LOC, but the real value proposition comes with the folks that work at LOC and the level of superior customer service I receive. Crystal is amazing! I had a difficult transaction in buying a new boat out of state. She contacted the dealer and took care of everything. When I arrived to sign for my loan, she had everything laid out and gave me all the direction to finish the purchase. I did not have any concerns at any time. The detail and customer satisfaction was like no other.


As always, we had a positive experience with our loan. Rachel was very courteous and explained our loan options and processes in a timely manner. As questions arose, she was very prompt in returning my calls and answering my questions. We've had several loans with LOC and always appreciate the great customer service!


Liz and Rachel both treated us with great respect and professionalism. They were both very helpful. The process was quick and easy and we were  able to obtain a very affordable loan.


As always, we had a positive experience with our loan. Our member advisor was Rachel. She was very courteous. She explained our loan options and processed our loan in a timely manner. As questions arose, Rachel was very prompt in returning my calls and answering my questions. We've had several loans with LOC and appreciate the great customer service.


Adin helped us obtain a home equity line of credit and was awesome to work with! Through her suggestion, adding on my husband got us an even better interest rate! We highly recommend LOC!


I would encourage anyone looking for a bank to handle all of their needs to consider LOC! I have been a member for 10 years and have always received the most courteous and helpful people to assist me. From checking to savings accounts, any questions or concerns were handled quickly and with complete satisfaction. Adin, in particular has been extremely cordial and knowledgeable. She is willing to work hard to help in anyway she can. As of today, I just finished my 4th car loan with Adin and LOC. Furthermore, we are pre-approved for our first RV loan. I always call LOC and Adin first for any financial needs!


I looked up several other places to receive a loan and LOC had the best rates! I talked with Adin personally, who knew a lot and was very helpful. I recommend LOC to anyone looking for a loan and will come back in the future!


Adin was very helpful in saving us almost $400 per month on our home equity loan! Thank you, Adin!


The process was very quick, the interest rate was lower than other banks and also only 20 years, which saved us on 10 years worth of payments. Adin was great to work with!


Rachel was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. She helped us learn about products and how to obtain our loan. Also, Laura was flexible with our need for a last minute appointment. The interest rate and help allowed us to start our new adventure with our camper. Thank you so much!


Laura was extremely helpful and answered all questions. She was very pleasant and made the process very seamless.


Laura was very helpful, patient and a joy to do business with. She was very honest and informative about the GAP insurance.


I met with Rachel this morning for a particular financial need I had. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help process my request. Thank you so much, Rachel!


Jody was a tremendous help! She was willing to help ensure all of my documents were in order. The savings on my loan interest was almost 50% less than I was paying to GM Financial! Jody also explained all the different loan options!


Chelsea was a great help. She answered all of my questions and also suggested ID Protect, which was a great concern of mine. She walked me through everything step by step. A real asset to this credit union! 


I am a long time LOC member but didn't need any special care until last summer. At that time, Barb came to my service. She was kind, patient, and gave me valuable advice about next steps and additional LOC services that may be helpful. Even 8 months later, Barb still greets me with a smile when I'm in the Hartland Branch. Thanks Barb! 


Chelsea helped me reset my mobile banking email address and password. I was having difficulty for several weeks, but Chelsea was patient, kind and encouraging. Thanks Chelsea for helping me access my account through mobile banking!


Jody was very helpful with refinancing my vehicle. I dropped in at the branch looking for paperwork. She had my loan done before 3pm the same day! She was very helpful, friendly and professional. I would recommend Jody and this LOC location to anyone. 


We would highly recommend LOC Credit Union to others who are looking for a good credit union to do their banking. Barb provided us with the necessary information to make a sound decision regarding debt consolidation. Her explanations took care of all of our concerns. We very much appreciate the efficient assistance we received. Thank you! 


Cory has been telling me for over a year to "get my life together" financially. He's been very vocal about how easy it would be to consolidate all of my debt and how much lower my rate would be. I'm a single mom and have been stressed about all of my debt for quite some time. I finally listened to him and I'm so grateful! Cory and Ashley walked me through the whole process. I feel a huge sense of relief and I'm so grateful for the both of them. 


Ashley has been more than helpful throughout this whole process. Her customer service skills are the best I've seen. I'm grateful to be and have been granted this loan. A great deal of stress related to interest rates has been lifted. I'm also saving at least $200 a month. Here's to being debt free in the near future. Thank you Ashley and LOC! 


LOC was very helpful saving me thousands of dollars in interest from other credit cards. Ashley was very engaging, educated and provided all information needed. Answered all of my questions and very knowledgeable. 


Crystal really understood my problem maxing my credit cards to help my dog get his surgeries and digging myself into a hole. She was awesome! I love LOC! Best banking or credit union ever! Saved over $6,800 in interest and cut term by 7 years! 


When I sat down with Crystal, I had no idea how happy I was going to be borrowing $18,000. She was awesome! We went through different options that were available, she answered all of the questions I had, and by our meeting, I was able to buy a (new) used motorcycle that day from a private owner, saving me $8,000 over a new one! I appreciate the professional care I got from Crystal through the LOC branch in Howell. 


Lisa helped explain that our account may have been fraudulently used, therefore it was noted and blocked. A very good explanation of a confusing issue. I'm very satisfied with the outcome! 


LOC helped me consolidate my loans. Jody was very helpful and explained everything well. My member advisor was very helpful. I had a great experience here! 


Jody was extremely helpful while I was applying to get my first auto loan. She responded very quickly and guided me through all of the necessary steps. She was patient and answered any questions that I had. She made the process less stressful. I have been a member for several years now and have always received very friendly, efficient service. LOC has given me the opportunity to develop good financial habits and helped me build my credit.


I was able to acquire my loan quickly. Jody was well informed and answered all of my questions. This is the second auto loan I've had from LOC. Great customer service!


The fraud department is awesome! They called me on Saturday to alert me of potential fraudulent activity. They stopped the purchases from going through and saved us more than $500! Great job! 


Jody was amazing! This was a very fast and simple process. The money I saved on interest was huge! I would refer LOC to anyone.


Crystal, the rock star member advisor, managed to save me over $7200 in the next 12 years. I was very impressed with the professionalism and great sense of humor from Crystal while having my loan serviced. The coffee was a nice touch in the waiting room area as well!


My car broke down on Monday. Crystal put my application for a loan in first thing and got me pre-approved immediately. No hassle and very easy. I was able to find a car the same day. Because of Crystal, I saved on car rental fees and I received a great rate. I am closing on my loan today-it's Tuesday! I will continue to call Crystal for all of my banking needs.


Jody has helped myself and 3 of my friends become financially fit and confident! I am so thankful! I will keep the referrals coming. Such a great experience!


Jody did an excellent job by sitting with me immediately and helped me get the loan. She was more than helpful and we had great conversation!


Crystal was very kind and made the loan process effortless. She worked around my tough schedule and really made this happen for me. I am so grateful for all she did!


Jody saved me $176 a month and cut my interest down by 2/3. She walked me through the entire process and kept me very well educated while refinancing my auto loan. Jody was extremely efficient!


Today was the third time I have had a chance to do business with LOC. I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Crystal on all of the transactions. The first time was by luck, the last two were by request. I work in sales so I really appreciate when someone is hard working, energetic, and pragmatic. There aren’t many people who have a drive to keep the customer happy and understand what a customer needs. Crystal is one of the people who fall into this class. Today I was on a very tight schedule and Crystal thought of everything she could to make the closing go as fast as possible. I was impressed again. In fact, the guy with me said he isn’t from the area but he plans on doing his next loan with LOC as how impressed he was with how Crystal and everyone was to him. For me the important thing is getting things done in a timely manner and doing it correctly. This is why I always know I can contact Crystal and get difficult tasks accomplished quickly and accurately. Thanks Again for all the help….I know I can be a challenging client!


Crystal was referred to me from my loan officer who would not touch my loan. She was helpful, great at communication, and very friendly. She scheduled my closing to be closer to my work which was great. She was able to get my interest rate down from 17.9% to 8% and will save me over $5,000!! Jennifer was kind and thorough as well.


Crystal is a rock star. She was extremely helpful when we wanted to secure a loan at LOC. She makes the process very simple and efficient. She also explains all of the procedures for interacting with LOC easy to understand. Her fun and bubbly personality is a breath of fresh air. Her performance is exceptional!


We were in quite a situation. My wife's car broke down and we were unable to get good financial rates with the dealership. LOC got us a rate of less than 3%. We were happy and even decided to refinance our other car through LOC. LOC reduced our total car payments by $220 a month. Jennifer was super helpful and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone! 


Member advisor, Crystal, was very helpful and I appreciate her knowledge and professional help in taking care of my issues and service needs. Thank you Crystal, you are the best! 


Jody helped me open an account and explained how it all works with a debit card. She also explained to me how to reestablish credit so I can start over.


Thank you Crystal and LOC! I love working with my credit union and saving money. I consolidated higher interest credit cards to one easy convenient loan with LOC. Over the next 4 years, I will save $3,000 in interest cost. Crystal was great to work with; she made the whole process simple and easy to get done. With her help the loan was completed in days, not weeks, as I have experienced with other banking institutions. I highly recommend Crystal and LOC for all of your loan needs.


Crystal helped very much. She was very knowledgeable and helpful, efficient and patient, friendly and professional, and she explained everything slowly. I had a very good experience working with Crystal, a real pro!


I refinanced my new boat through LOC. Christine and Adin gave outstanding member service! I couldn't believe how easy they made the whole process. They were professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend anyone looking for a loan to contact LOC first. We kept the current term of the loan and I was still able to cut my monthly payment by $185 and I saved over $32,000 in interest. I am truly thankful that Christine and Adin are passionate about helping their members become financially fit!


I am so thankful to Barb for assisting me on getting this auto loan. She answered every question I had with full detail in regard to proper documentation, timelines, and expectations. When I started looking for a vehicle, I couldn't find one I needed right away. She checked on the status of my findings and wanted to make sure I was taken care of. After I found the vehicle I wanted to purchase, the process was going to take a lot longer than expected. I was having trouble retrieving the title from another credit union, however, Barb worked her magic and I was able to start driving the vehicle sooner than expected. She made the transaction feel more personalized and an easygoing process. I cannot thank her enough for her efforts, kindness, patience, and outstanding customer service. 


I came in on a Saturday to get information on a loan. Barb was working and answered my questions. I was amazed at how quickly I was approved and walked out with the money I needed. Barb went above and beyond to help me. She provided excellent service and made me feel like an important member of LOC.


I'm saving almost $300 a month thanks to the friendly and fast service from Crystal! She is great!


LOC was able to help us refinance higher interest rate loans in order to save about $350 a month. They have helped us when nobody else would! We now do all of our banking with LOC! 


Jody was very attentive and answered all of my questions in detail. I first came to LOC when I financed my 2008 F-350, they had the lowest rate around. I have since returned to refinance my 2008 Silverado, saving me 8% on my loan and $80 a month.


When I wanted to buy out the lease on my Harley Davidson motorcycle, I contacted Crystal and she made it happen. When I wanted to buy my second Harley, again, she made it happen. Then I wanted to buy a car at a great savings, she made it happen by approving me for these loans. LOC Credit Union and Crystal are awesome and I highly recommend them to everyone I know that is looking to make a major purchase. 


Crystal helped me find a solution where I'm saving $200 a month by paying off my loans. In addition to saving me money monthly, she was able to get me a cushion for unexpected expenses. Crystal went above and beyond to find a solution that suited my needs. 


Crystal at the Howell Branch got me approved and closed on my motorhome loan in the same day, remarkable! She was very professional, but yet easy to talk to, very efficient and informative. A great experience! 


My hot water heater died and the cost of a new one was more than I had and I was without a credit card. Rachelle helped me apply for a personal loan and a credit card. She was very encouraging and helpful; which has always been the case when I needed their help. 


I've been a member of LOC Credit Union for several years. My interactions with Karen have been nothing short of amazing. Her level of customer service is exceptional. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Karen is highly knowledgeable in all facets of the credit union. She is always willing and able to answer any questions and/or solve any issues presented to her. She always has a pleasant demeanor and upbeat attitude. Working with Karen from a customer standpoint always assures me that I made the right decision in becoming a member of LOC Credit Union. 


I have been a member for over 17 years. In this time, I have had multiple loans and thousands of contacts with the staff. Each team member has always given me their 100% dedication and made my banking experience enjoyable. Thank you for the awesome service! 


Rachel was wonderful and helped us to readjust our loan. The Howell branch has always been helpful and very informative. We have been members for many years and have never had any problems. 


In the last five years, LOC has helped us with two RV loans and a vehicle loan. There is no better credit union for RV loans. The process was quick and easy, and Jennifer was very helpful. Thank you LOC! 


Being assisted by Ashley is a great experience for LOC members. She has assisted and worked with me for the past three years with my first loan. In the past, I have been late with payments and was given time and opportunities to make up for them. I started with a very poor credit score, but thanks to Ashley, I have been able to improve it over the years. To this day, Ashley has made my loan processing easier than before, also giving me more opportunities to improve my credit. Thank you for giving me a chance to improve!


LOC has saved me over 20% on my loans. My preferred loan officer, Crystal, was amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone. The loan process was very fast.


LOC helped me save $10,000 off my loans and saved me an extra $100 off my monthly payments. I feel so relieved. Thank you LOC!


Jennifer has been an excellent help to us. She is very knowledgeable of managing her job and she does her best to assist with any needs. I love working with her because I personally trust her in managing all my finances. Thanks Jennifer! 


LOC was able to work with my husband and myself to find the best loan for our situation. Crystal was great to work with and helped us find the best option for us. LOC was very efficient and fast, and saved us 10.25%, more than $5,900 and 16 years over paying minimum payments with another financial institution!


I've been living below the poverty level for several years, working retail. I came to LOC when I signed up for social security to see about a car loan. I was approved almost immediately. Life is turning around and I appreciate Jody's help and recommendations for handling my money. I will be staying with LOC!


Over the years LOC has helped us with several auto loans, personal loans and credit cards. We have received prompt and professional attention from both Jody and Adin and are very satisfied with them in addition to saving money due to low interest rates. We just completed another auto loan and look forward to working with LOC and its great employees for many years to come! 


We were very pleased with LOC! This was the first time we have had the pleasure of doing business with LOC. Crystal was the best loan officer we have ever done business with! She answered all of my questions quickly and we found her to be extremely knowledgeable. If needed, we will do business with Crystal and LOC again. Thank you! 


We applied for a personal loan to consolidate and lower the payments on two installment loans we have. The new loan is saving us $304 per month and will lower our overall interest costs. Jody did a great job. She called and answered all of my questions and let me know the status of the loan every day. Thank you Jody and LOC! 


I was helped with opening an IRA account and I am so thankful that I was given so much information. Good job LOC!


We walked into the Hartland branch late on Friday afternoon in hopes of closing an auto loan before the weekend. The loan originated at another branch, but the Hartland branch was closer to the car dealership. We were greeted and assisted by Colton, who worked closely with LOC staff and the dealership to ensure that the loan was closed. He was friendly, professional, and seemed un-phased that we were doing this on a Friday at 4:00! It was a great experience, and we were able to go out of town to attend to a sick parent as planned.


Colton was able to help give me a loan at a much lower interest rate to save me 10% a month in interest. I will be able to pay down the balance with each payment rather than just interest each month. 


I've been a member for 53 years and always have perfect service. The people that work here are like family, especially Kathy. She always goes out of her way to help me. Eric has also been a wonderful help to me with investments. I also saved 4% in interest on a new car I bought by financing through LOC.


Crystal is AWESOME! She moved mounts to help me refinance my auto loan and I went from 5.0% at another financial institution to 1.99% with LOC. She was prompt to respond to all of my correspondences. Thank you for putting your members first!


The LOC staff is always so helpful and friendly. It is so nice to deal with a credit union that is so welcoming and personal. Setting up our mortgage and other accounts has been truly the best experiences we have ever had in these situations.

-John and Sandy

The loan process was very quick. Jodi very help, efficient and awesome to work with!


LOC helped us out very much by giving us a low-interest loan for a car. We were happy and able to afford a car as a gift to our college graduate! Crystal and her team were so sweet and helpful and listened to our needs and made it happen. Thank you LOC!


First of all, I'd like to tell you how happy we are and have been with the customer service provided to us by pretty much everyone we have had the pleasure of working with from LOC Credit Union. More recently, we have worked with Crystal and we can't say enough about Crystal's attentiveness, her energy, her attention to detail and her consistent follow-up and her timeliness in sticking to her word. She has demonstrated over and over how important we are to her and LOC and she exemplifies what customer service should be. LOC has saved us tons of money through refinancing various vehicle loans and we love it because we have a one stop shop for almost all of our "financing" needs. We plan on refinancing our mortgage very soon and are looking forward to the service and additional savings to come. Thank you and we love you LOC!


Crystal handled the whole loan process very easily. I will refer her and LOC to others for sure. She's a great asset!


A big thank you goes out to Adin. She made getting a vehicle loan easy. She was fast, efficient and personable. All of your people are great, but Adin really stood out. I look forward to dealing with Adin the next time we need a loan.


Peggy and Colton were extremely helpful. I needed to track down a few check deposits. Without knowing when they were deposited, they took the time to search many dates to find exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much, LOC!


I transferred my loan to LOC and saved $1,355! Thanks to Rachel and the rest of the LOC team! LOC is awesome and is MY credit union!


LOC provides the best/lowest rate loans over any bank or financial institution. Our loan office was very knowledgeable and answered all questions efficiently. Overall, LOC has been professional and courteous throughout the entire loan process.


After a poor experience dealing with another financial institution, I was apprehensive to go through the process again to get a boat loan. I couldn't have been more surprised how friendly the staff is at LOC, especially Crystal! She made the whole process simple and I'm actually excited to do more business with LOC! She is great!


I love my credit union! Adin was a great help and everyone else has always been very helpful, no matter what questions I ask. I'm your best advertisement!!! Everything I own is financed through LOC.


The Hartland branch was friendly and fast! Colton did an amazing job on my auto loan. I'm very pleased with LOC and this will be the only place I get loans from!


I worked with Crystal on a personal loan recently. She was very positive and energetic and provided me with very sound advice. I've been a member with LOC for 17 years and have continually had a positive experience.


Barb was a huge help when I was purchasing my first car. I live in Grand Rapids but grew up in Hartland. My mom had told me how low LOC's car loan rates were and I knew I wanted to use them for a loan. I wasn't planning to purchase right away but when a great deal came across, I couldn't pass it up. Barb got everything ready for me within the week and was ready to sign by that Friday. I had originally told her the sticker price of the vehicle was what I wanted to take out in a loan. Before processing everything, she wanted to make sure I knew that I could take out the full amount on the vehicle and use the remainder to pay off some student loans that have a higher interest rate. I felt silly for nothing thinking of that on my own, but was glad she mentioned it. After I told her I definitely wanted to do that, she later came back and told me that I was approved for the total amount that the car was worth (which was more than selling price) if I wanted to take that amount out instead. In the end, Barb saved me $4,500 which I put towards my 6.8% student loan. She had everything ready for me the minute I walked in the door and I was out of there in a short amount of time and on my way to the dealership.


When looking into needing a loan, we reached out to Barb who was helped us in the past. She had by far exceeded my expectations, and was always quick to respond. She and LOC have gone above and beyond to assist me in all the questions and concerns I have had.


Barb was not only very efficient and professional, but also very personable. She made sure I knew what all of my options were and that I understood them. She even called the dealership to help straighten out some issues I was having. If I ever have a doctor who's trying to cut at the wrong organ, it will be Barb that I have call the hospital (and she'll do it!) Thanks, Barb!


We came to LOC to have paperwork notarized for a loan through a different financial institution. After talking with Colton, he was able to save us over $5,000 on the same dollar amount and same length of time on the loan! Thank you for taking the time to share info with us so that we could have this savings!


LOC has always been very helpful through the years. All of the employees are efficient and friendly. I love doing my banking with LOC! =)


Needed to consolidate some credit card debt. We were looking at an average APR of 25% and after sitting down with LOC, we now have that rate down to 8% thanks to a personal loan. It would have taken 11 years to pay off those cards, but thanks to LOC it's been reduced to 5 years (or less). Minimum monthly payments were previously $1,329 a month, but are now down to $475. Crystal was extremely helpful and I was very pleased how quickly we were able to close on this loan. Thank you!


Crystal has become our homes go-to girl for all things financial. She refinanced our auto loans, started the kids savings accounts and has made it all convenient and fun! Thank you Crystal and LOC!


Came in to LOC feeling depressed, not knowing which way was up. Then, I spoke with Laura. Her patience and understanding helped clarify things for me and she spoke of so many options in which to ponder. Her kindness and understanding of not only my problem, but how LOC works, helped her help me and I'm feeling SO much better. I cannot thank her enough; she is a great asset to LOC and its members!


Thanks to LOC we're now saving $300 a month by refinancing our RV & Boat. The LOC team was very helpful in providing us with the options and rates to do so. The team was professional and extremely helpful during the entire process from start to finish.

Deb & Joe

Crystal has assisted me on two separate loans. I could not ask for better service. Crystal goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes fast and smooth.


LOC saved my over $330 per month off of my car loan and thousands off my interest fees! Thank you LOC!


I've had a small amount of nagging credit card debt I have always been meaning to consolidate. My co-worker who obtained her car loan from LOC referred me to Jody. In one day, Jody helped me consolidate and get me on the financially fit path!


Quick approval, application was not too involved, and was provided the perfect amount of assistance in understanding the procedure. We were able to drop interest rates from 12% and 14% down to 8%. Colton was valuable throughout the entire process and especially in putting the paperwork through very quickly.


Jody was an incredible help to me today. There was an error in my business account and it had to be closed and a new one opened. I was disappointed about this, and Jody did the perfect amount of empathizing, as well as completely made the situation right. She set up my new accounts and made sure the online services were working for me as well. She was an amazing professional and kept me a very happy member. I very much appreciate the what she did for me!


I recently consolidated credit cards and medical bills into one easy payment! My interest rates went from the high 20's to 8.5%, saving me hundreds!! The process was quick and painless.


I came in to get information for a loan and every question I asked was answered and everyone made sure that everything was done quickly and professionally.


I have been a member of LOC for over 30 years. In that time, I can remember the small town local atmosphere of the Farmington Liberty Road branch. When my wife and I moved out to Brighton, I was pleased to hear about the Hartland branch opening. It has been a pleasure working with your loan officer, Barb. She is very professional and compassionate and went above and beyond in helping us on our third loan. It's so nice to have that small town atmosphere again with LOC.


Sean is now at St. Patrick School in 8th grade. He started his LOC account through the Farms Intermediate student-run branch in 5th grade. His new school just started a finance program through a class and he was SO proud to say he already had a savings account with a good amount of money in it. His classmates were very impressed.


Thank you Adin, as well as everyone at the Howell branch. They're perfect! My loan was approved fast and was accurately. Thank you LOC!


LOC saved me lots of money and greatly decreased my interest rate from 21% to 9%.


LOC saved me $13,000 in interest by consolidating my three credit cards. LOC was so very helpful, so very professional, and so ready to take the extra time to answer all of my questions so very thoroughly!


LOC saved me 10% over 4 years. My original credit card interest rate was 22.75% and LOC was able to give me a rate of 6.4%. Crystal was very friendly and understanding. She was able to get me the loan in just two days. I highly recommend LOC for all of your financial needs.


LOC did a great job helping me save money. Barb took the extra step with helping me and coaching me through all of my specific needs. She had an outstanding source of knowledge with every aspect of my banking. She always had the perfect answer, and it was so easy to understand. Thanks to Barb, I will continue to go to LOC Credit Union for all of my banking needs. I will be sure to tell friends and family what a great job all of your team members have done to help me and make me satisfied.


The staff at the Hartland office is the most professional, cordial, friendly, family-like, supportive of most companies I have ever worked with. I have been a member for almost 30 years and they are my favorites. Thank you for each and everyone of them!!!


LOC Credit Union helped my husband and I pay off a credit card with a high interest rate, saving us almost 17% in interest. We appreciate the partnership that we have with LOC!


I went from an interest rate of 17.24% to 0% for six months by switching to LOC. My previous credit union was unwilling to work with me but LOC was. Thank you LOC!


We didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. But after talking with Crystal at the Howell branch, she gave us the encouragement we needed! Not only giving us the second best interest rate available at LOC, but shortening the time it would take us to pay off our debt by over 20 years!!! We will be saving $14,500 in interest and will be out of debt in 5 years!!! LOC really does mean "Getting Financially Fit Together". We will be going back to LOC and working with Crystal when it's time to buy our next car in another year! 


LOC saved me a lot and working with Crystal at the Howell branch was fantastic! I will continue to use LOC for all of my financial needs.


Great service and communications with Jody at LOC. She helped save me $3,753 in interest!!! This is one of the many reasons I do business with LOC!


LOC was able to help me save 7% in interest on my car loan. I also was able to get a shorter term. Thank you LOC!


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