Important Steps to Take to
Prevent Becoming a Victim of Fraud

Scammers are always trying to gain access to consumer financial accounts. By staying alert and taking a few proactive steps, you can help safeguard yourself against fraudulent attempts to gain access to your money and information.

LOC Credit Union will never call or text and ask you for usernames, passwords, PINs or two-factor verification even if it appears to be from a LOC Credit Union phone number. If you receive such a call, hang-up immediately and call us back at 800.837.4562 to alert us of the situation. We may ask to confirm personal or sensitive information if you call us.

As a precaution and to help you monitor your account activity, LOC Credit Union proactively enables alerts for profile and contact information changes done in Digital Banking as well as alerts for adding External Accounts and Transfers.

Finally, if you have concerns about any transaction you are conducting or asked to conduct on behalf of another individual, talk to us first about it. We can help you determine if you are about to be a victim of a fraud or scam.

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