LOC has a long history of providing financial education through our student-run credit union program. To expand on those efforts, LOC is providing local school districts an opportunity to partner up for one of our interactive classroom experiences!

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Interactive financial education experiences for all ages!

Our in-class experiences feature interactive activities and presentations in which students can gain important skills and practices as it relates to money and their financial futures.

These experiences help students better understand their financial well-being as they grow. Teachers can integrate program topics into their class’s current curriculum and lessons.

These programs are free for your class and presented by a LOC Community Impact Specialist! LOC will provide program materials and supplies for these interactive programs.


elementary school students

Elementary School Level

Join us as we dive into needs and wants, budgeting, economics and beyond. Here are just a few of the options available to elementary school students.

  • LOC Camping Adventure
  • Super Market Swift
  • Building a Community Zoo
  • Do Michigan Taxes Have Cooties?
  • And More!



middle school students financial education

Middle School Level

Take the next step into your financial journey with our middle school programming. We'll explore budgeting, debit and checking, spending, saving, teambuilding and more.

  • Building Bridges to Riches
  • A Middle Schooler's Guide to Savings, Debit and Checking
  • Reality vs Fantasy Spending Challenge
  • Resume Building
  • And More!



high school students working on budgets

High School Level

What better way to prepare students for the real world than with a crash course in real-life budgeting while illustrating the impact of their financial choices on their lifestyle with our Financial Reality Fairs. We'll also help your high-schooler prepare for their first job, get comfortable with their credit and more.

  • Jobs: Applying, Interviewing, Offers and More
  • Financial Reality Fairs
  • Student Loans 101
  • What Teens Should Know About Credit
  • And More!


While many of our programs are listed above, if you don't see what you're looking for, fill out the form below and we'll follow up with you!