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Card Management in Digital Banking puts you in control of your cards and helps prevent fraud from occurring on your accounts.

  • Available for both LOC Visa Debit and Credit Cards
  • Accessible regardless of the device you are using; no separate app required
  • View full debit card details, including card number, expiration date, and CVV number.
  • Set or change a debit card PIN
  • View 30 days of transaction activity, include declined transactions
  • Temporarily block/unblock your card
  • Control how and where you card gets used
  • Receive real-time transaction alerts
    • Alerts can be delivered by SMS text, Push, or by email 

Types of Alerts and Controls

location alerts and contrls

Control the region/location where you cards can be used or be alerted when you card is used outside of your set location/region. 

transaction alerts and controls by dollar
Dollar Amount

You can set an alert for a single purchase amount or a monthly total.  You can also deny transactions based on the amount or when your monthly total exceeds your set limit.

credit card icon

Receive an alert when you card is used at certain merchants or block your card from being used at certain merchants. 

wallet icon

Use transaction-type alerts and controls to receive alerts when you cards are used for specific transaction types (in-store, ATM, online, etc.) or to deny certain transactions base on the transaction type.

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