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In the coming weeks, MemberFocus members will begin receiving their new VISA credit cards.

LOC Cards- Your new credit card can now be activated!
MemberFocus Cards- New credit cards cannot be activated or used until June 24

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VISA® Debit Card

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24/7 access pass to your money.

An Visa ® debit card provides you with 24/7 access to your LOC account to:

  • Easily pay for purchases directly from your LOC checking account anywhere the Visa logo is displayed worldwide
  • Load your LOC Debit Card into your Digital Wallets and easily check out at your favorite store and more
  • Get cash back at participating merchants with your purchase
  • Avoid paying fees for deposits and withdrawals at more than 30,000 ATMs via the CO-OP Network.
  • Visa Zero Liability Policy provides you with maximum protection against unauthorized use of your card if lost or stolen or if the card number is compromised
  • Use Visa Purchase Alerts to help monitor your account against fraud. In the event of suspected fraud, you can call 888-241-2440 (Option 1) to confirm fraud or no fraud on your debit card.
  • Instant issue Visa Debt Cards available at any LOC Financial Success Center

LOC Visa Debit Card FAQs

Don't become a victim

LOC offers a low-cost identity protection program with our Secure Checking with IDProtect®. 

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